Search and Rescue Services (SRS)

Search and Rescue is an activity where speed could be make all the difference in saving a life. The DJI Zenmuse XT thermal camera, developed in collaboration with thermal imaging experts FLIR, provides rescuers with an easily deployable aerial thermal imaging system that dramatically accelerates the search for missing people by highlighting thermal signatures and can even see through foliage. Paired with the DJI Matrice 100, the Zenmuse XT provides a class leading flight time of 30 minutes. This allows it to cover vast areas in a single flight, searching more area than any one group of people would be capable of. Additionally, the Matrice 100 provides access to the DJI SDK, where dedicated search and rescue tools such as search patterns and full autopilot controls can be developed. Connected to the DJI Inspire, the XT becomes a rapid launch aerial system. Able to go from packed away to in the air in just 3 minutes, it is ideal for urgent situations that need an eye in the sky as quickly as possible
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